Liver Care is as charitable organisation covering the Liverpool area. Liver Care initially began as a small, family run service based in the Bootle area offering mental health support and supported accommodation to vulnerable adults. Over the past decade this has evolved into a more diverse and wide ranging operation offering the following services:

  • Tenancies with or without support as appropriate for vulnerable adults.
  • High quality homecare/domiciliary care for elderly service users and service users with physical health issues.
  • Community support for young people with physical and/or mental health issues.
  • Support for people struggling with addiction.
  • Charity shop which includes a drop- in service for the local community based in the Bootle Strand by the May Flower entrance. Visitors can just pop along if they wish and just have a cup of tea and a chat with our friendly staff and volunteers and there is no requirement to purchase items. Any donations are very much appreciated and will be collected free of charge by our volunteers.

Liver Care charges for it’s services but due to it being a charitable organisation rather than a profit making company its rates are most competitive.

Current charges for care are as detailed:

Local Authority Commissioned (i.e. council work undertaken) Liver Care accepts the local authority rates of pay.

If the individual chooses to self fund or has above the financial threshold, therefore receives no financial assistance from council our service is charged at £14.50 per hour for care/support and for half hour we charge £9.00.

Waking nights, sleep inns and all large packages are negotiated on an ad hoc basis with the customer.

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote maximum independence, dignity and engagement in the wider community and to function at an optimum level for all our service users.