What our Team says about Liver Care.

Head Office

“I have been an employee at Liver Care and Housing since April 2018. At Liver Care and Housing I have felt settled, fully valued, and have had the opportunity to develop and progress at a suitable rate.

Since joining the company, I have had the opportunity to complete a Level 5 apprenticeship in Health and Social Care and further develop my skills. This has all been made possible by a management team that allows staff of all levels to have an impact on internal and external processes and procedures, and to have a say on what direction the not-for-profit business should take. This allows our company to continue to progress and improve at a rate that serves customers, ensuring the delivery of safe and quality care.

The friendly and inclusive working environment at Liver Care and Housing allows staff to progress at the level best suited to their personality, which in turn makes for well-rounded health and social care staff and home-grown talent for a stable and ever expanding staff base.

As an employer, Liver Care and Housing has lived up to and exceeded what was promised to me at interview stage and will continue to listen and develop as a company and an employer in the future”. 

Operations Development Manager


Prior to starting work at Liver Care and Housing in 2017, I ran a café with my cousin. Being of a caring nature the transition to a Care Worker was a very natural one for me.

There was training to do and new things to learn, however, I embraced this new challenge!

In 2019, I completed my NVQ Diploma (Level 3) in Health and Social Care with a view to progressing in my career.

The team I work with is a very stable one. You hear of the high turnover at other agencies, however, I have been working with the same colleagues for a good few years now, not only is this good for staff morale, but, it means customers see the same faces and there is continuity of care. I get personal satisfaction knowing that I help the people I care for, live as independently as possible in their own homes. It is a real privilege to be part of the lives of people in my local community.

Adult Home Care worker


Following the need to career change due to my own physical health, I completed some health and social care courses. Using my newfound skills and knowledge, started working at Liver Care and Housing in 2019.

I have found that my role as a Support Worker has given me purpose and enjoy going to work with a great team.

The management are supportive of the staff and service users. They also take new ideas on board; in turn this leads to a better workplace and customer care as it creates a relaxed and safe environment for all.  

Supported Living Worker

I have been an employee at Liver Care and Housing since June 2018 and have become very settled in my job role as a support worker. This has been one of the very few jobs I have enjoyed in my working career and one of the most rewarding. I have always felt a valued member of the team working very closely with my colleagues and management.

The management have always done their best to meet my needs and those of other colleagues. I feel the company has always recognised any good work you contribute and are not shy of showing appreciation.

My job as a support worker is challenging enough so the job never gets monotonous and even more difficult days have always been made easier with the support of a well-trained team who are always willing to step in and help with enthusiasm.

All members of the management team are highly approachable and easily contactable. They always take the time to speak and most importantly listen regards any issues or ideas for improvement within the company. The team I work with are very solution focused and we are all able to work together to give the best service possible which is great.

Working in supported living accommodation has become a home from home, its rarely a chore to be there. I spent a short period of time away to pursue a job I trained for at university and quickly found out how much I missed my job at Liver Care and Housing and the team. I soon came back!

The shift pattern allows a fantastic balance of work and personal life which I have never found in any other company or work sector. This is great as my days off are usually very busy and it allows me to do both as efficiently and still receive a good salary!

The working environment is friendly and fun but remains professional at all times and have had success with some complex clients that have not been witnessed outside of Liver Care and put this down to the hard work and great team we have.

Training is offered at multiple levels including mandatory training. The training has enabled the growth of a more qualified and professional team. I am looking forward to starting a Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care, which I think is fantastic for both the company and, as it gives one an opportunity to develop new skills and use this to progress.

If you are willing to work hard you will always be rewarded at Liver Care. Help will be provided to help you progress within the company with various opportunities and responsibilities available.

I thoroughly enjoy my work at Liver Care and plan to be with the company for my career and join them on their journey of expansion and opportunities as they are growing and getting better all the time at what they do.

Supported Living Worker

Charity Shop Manager

After retiring from many years in public service, I took on the voluntary role of Charity Shop Manager at 22, The Palatine, Bootle Strand. (Please hyperlink to 22, the Palatine). This shop was 2nd Charity Shop Liver Care opened in November 2019.

My role is to develop this ‘boutique’ style charity shop so that it flourishes and becomes the place to visit to purchase quality new and preloved items.
I work alongside volunteers from the Local Community. To help me to recruit more volunteers I talk to people about the roles available when they visit the shop. I also encourage people to buy from us, make donations and I hold raffles throughout the year to raise lots of funds for the charity.
I was attracted to the role as I have friends and family who have been affected by mental health issues. I know through experience how challenging it can be for people to get the help and support when they need it most.
I have seen first-hand the work Liver Care does in the local community and when this post became available a I felt it was my chance to give something back, along with doing a job that I knew I would really enjoy. I have always worked locally and have a wide knowledge of the area and the people that shop here.
We are also the public face of Liver Care in the community as we meet lots of people each day. Although we do not have direct contact with clients, we try to promote, ‘Good Mental Health’. Therefore, the shop is also a place where anyone is welcome to visit and have a chat should they be feeling anxious, stressed or socially isolated, without the pressure of making a purchase.
We are very well supported and receive many donations from local people who come to us specifically because they have been personally touched by poor mental health.
We feel privileged that very often our customers want to share with us the stories about what they or their loves ones have gone through and that can be emotional yet uplifting. I think part of our role is to simply listen, to be compassionate, supportive, and non-judgemental.
I am part of a lovely group of dedicated volunteers, many of whom tell me that working in one of Liver Care’s Charity Shops has not only given them a sense of purpose but has also, provided companionship and a reason to get out of the house.  I often see the esteem levels of volunteers soar after joining our team, as they gain so much confidence!
My role is a rewarding one that is varied and interesting.  It isn’t simply a retail role; it’s a way of really helping others because the more donations you receive the more money you can raise which in turn means more support for those in need in our local community.
Charity Shop Manager (Voluntary), 22 The Palatine, Bootle Strand

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